I am what you see
I am not what they say
but if I turned out to be
Could you love me anyway?

Gallagher Coping Skills
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Aggressive guy won’t leave you alone? Give them this number (669) 221-6251

A new service is angling to help out women worried about how their rejection will be handled by overly-aggressive gentleman callers. It’s called the Feminist Phone Intervention, and it’s a brilliantly simple trick for socially active.

It works like this: The next time you give a man your number to get him to leave you alone, use this one: (669) 221-6251, courtesy of the folks over Feminist Intervention. When someone calls that number, they’ll reach a computer-recorded message of a bell hooks quotation — so you can “protect your privacy while dropping some feminist knowledge when your unwanted ‘suitor’ calls or texts,” the website explains. It works for texts, too. 

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so useful. spread this shit like wildfire

We shouldn’t need this, but I’m glad we have it

But what if a girl won’t leave a guy alone?

Then this isn’t for you. Shockingly, women can have resources that don’t have to be all about men. Shockingly, we can celebrate helping women stay safe without giving a shit about what men think about it. 

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